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RIV students giving a thumbs up to the camera

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    Welcome to Riverside Middle School!


    At Riverside Middle School we foster the belief in our students that they can Learn Today, to Conquer Tomorrow.

    Kindness is key in our school. We focus on relationships and taking care of one another. We filter this through three tenets:

    Take care of yourself

    Take care of each other

    Take care of this place

    Riverside teachers are focused on investigative learning. We want our students to be curious and inquisitive and take ownership in their learning, facilitated by teachers and supported by families.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in Problem Based Learning (PBL) courses focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and the appropriate Colorado Academic Standards. 
    We are a school of writers and students are expected to write across all content areas.
    We want you to be a part of Riverside Middle School! If you would like additional information on our school, please contact us at 970-665-7800.


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    Middle school student reading to elementary school students
    group photo of students hiking
    RIV students giving a thumbs up to the camera
    RIV students making ice cream
    RIV students racing on long boards
    RIV student kissing an alpaca
    group photo of students hiking
    RIV students making dough